✨ fork/george/sock/kit ✨

any pronouns (leaning towards he/they, but please, go buckwild)
do not call me kit unless i know you rly well or you came from my tumblr
babygirl aficionado
age: 18... i'm old now


the boys i am most fond of :)))))))

honorable mentionsss

  • gerard way!!!!

  • ron mael

  • russell mael

  • rivers cuomo

  • cillian murphy

  • joe walker (starkid)

  • dylan minette

  • murdoc niccals (shut up shut up shut up)


omg i exist outside of this widdle carrd that's insane
(not linking my twt 4 personal privacy ooo)
discord: fork#2050


pro/antishipping yadda yadda yadda idfk get away from me y'all are weird af
obvs no homophobia or transphobia or fatphobia or racism i don't like you
dsmp enjoyers (i am an anti!!!!)
south park fans
stancy/jancy/hellcheer/harringrove/harmungrove shipper
2doc/2nu/2russ/murnu/russdoc/russnu shipper
furry hater
if ur age is <13 or >24
mike faist hater
pisces people

likes and dislikes


  • pink

  • astrology!!

  • hello kitty

  • garfield

  • hot guys (see: bbgs)

  • hot girls (bbgs n/a unfortunately)

  • hot other (bbgs still n/a)

  • gorillaz || fave: feel good inc.

  • djo || faves: change, bnbg

  • weezer || fave: pork and beans

  • my chemical romance || fave: teenagers

  • blur || fave: girls and boys

  • sparks || fave: barbecutie

  • ween || fave: mutilated lips

  • musicals/musical theatre || fave: seussical (don't judge me)

  • stranger things || fave:


  • charton and tina frantz!!!!

  • radiohead (besides creep) /j

  • the letter c

  • oasis (only cuz i like blur better)

  • wombo (just kidding pookie)